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Health Headlines - November 2013

Duncan MacDonald     
Jakarta   1  November  2013      
Reviewed   3  May   2021      
   How can I cure my anxiety without drugs? Anxiety attack

While some prescription drugs can help calm you down by influencing levels of GABA (a brain chemical that improves mood and decreases stress) they also come with various of side effects, including dizziness, drowsiness, forgetfulness, not to mention withdrawal symptoms after you stop taking them.

Unless you suffer from severe, debilitating anxiety, Dr Andrew Weil [1] recommends trying natural approaches before considering prescription drugs. Try one or more of these effective solutions:

   ◊ PRACTICE DEEP BREATHING which calms your nervous system Yoga

   ◊ SAY YES TO YOGA just one hour-long session of yoga offers the GABA-boosting effects of conventional medications, with no side effects. Yoga is more effective than walking for reducing anxiety. [2]

   ◊ FEAST ON FISH research suggests people with chronic anxiety have lower-than-normal levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Add more omega-3 to your diet by eating several servings of fatty fish, such as salmon, sardines, or mackerel weekly.

green tea

   ◊ SIP GREEN TEA the amino acid L-theanine, which gives green tea its unique flavour also has calming effects. Studies show that L-theanine increases alpha brain waves which are linked to increased relaxation. Drink several cups a day.

   Lose weight naturally

Tips to make weight loss part of your daily life - No Diets - No Exercise Program - just fun ways to slim down & tone up, just like naturally lean people.

chicken on egg

   1. ADD SOME PROTEIN: Research shows the more you eat at early in the day, the less you eat as the day wears on. So after your regular breakfast, add a hard-boiled egg or a part-skim mozzarella cheese stick to keep you feeling full - and away from that pre-lunch snack. (save 200 or more calories)

   2. BALANCING ACT:While brushing your teeth in the morning, stand on one leg. Switch legs every 30 seconds. Balancing develops your core muscles & may even be good for your brain. You can also do this at night before going to bed. (burns 10 calories)

   3. SODA SWITCH: Scientist in Boston found that drinking one or more regular or diet colas every day doubles your risk of developing Metabolic syndrome - (high blood pressure, water OR sodaelevated insulin levels, excess fat around the waist. and abnormal cholesterol levels) - which, increases your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. The culprit may be the additive that gives soda its caramel colour. Scientist also speculate that soda drinkers regularly expose their tastebuds to natural or artificial sweeteners conditioning themselves to prefer and crave sweeter foods, which may lead to weight gain. [3]
Better Choices: Change to sparkling water with a splash of juice - or better still, just drink water. (save 300 calories)

   That's Life
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Lose weight naturally
That's Life

1. Dr Andrew Weil, Director of Arizona Centre for Integrative Medicine at University of Arizona

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