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Roman Britannia Bulletin
Part 2

Recording Life in Roman Britain and Europe

Duncan MacDonald     
Jakarta   8  April 2020     
 Roman Britain (AD 43-409 ) We look at life in Britannia through the eyes of Roman legionairs and Britons during the Roman occupation of the first hundred years.
     Some of the illustrations relating to the book will be posted on this web site for your consideration and comments.

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Britannia Bulletin 2
Roman Britannia Bulletin Part 2 Cover
Emperor Hadrian overlooking his wall

Special Seven
Special Seven of Legio XX

Soec ial Sven scroll

Legio XX
Legio XX - Two contubernia  (squad) of 8 men each
10 contubernia  make up one Century

Emperor Titus ruled 79-81 CE - The Arch of Titus, Rome

Emperor Domitian ruled 81-96 CE - Goddess Minerva

Gold Aureus coin of Nerva - Emperor Nerva ruled 96-98 CE

Chester fortress
Diva Victrix Fortress Barracks (Chester)

Vindobala Fortress
Vindobala Fortress on Hadrian's Wall

Birdoswald fort
Birdoswald Fort - western end of Hadrian's Wall

Roman Fortlet
Roman Fortlet

Roman Milecastle
Roman Milecastle 37 - near Housesteads Fort on Hadrian's Wall

Ardune Watchtower, Caledonia - Watchtower overlooking Danube River

Marching Camp
Roman Marching Camp

Practice Camps
Roman Practice Camp

Emperor Trajan ruled 98-117 CE - Trajan's Column

Trajans bridge over Danube
Trajan's great bridge over the Danube River

Trajan - Hadrian
Trajan   clean shaven (Roman style)  ~  Hadrian   beared (Greek style)

Emperor Hadrian ruled 117-138 CE

Hadrian surveying wall
Hadrian surveying the Wall in Britannia 122 CE

Hadrians wall building
Building Hadrian's Wall 122 CE

Walltown Crags
Hadrian’s Wall - Walltown Crags, western end

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