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The Britannic Bulletin
Recording Life in Roman Britain - Part I

Duncan MacDonald     
Jakarta   1  October 2017      
Reviewed   21   June   2018      
 Roman Britain (AD 43-409 ) We look at life in Britannica through the eyes of Roman legionairs and Britons during the Roman occupation of the first hundred years.
     Some of the illustrations relating to the book will be posted on this web site for your consideration and comments.

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Britannic cover3

Roman wet nurse
     Legionaries escorted the Roman wet nurse with Astutus, from Germania Superior (southwest Germany, Switzerland & Eastern France), back to Rome. They made good time, thanks to the Roman roads.
Astutus education                                        Astutus as 12 year old student

Battle of Teutoburg
  Battle of Teurtoburg Forest - The Romans in a desperate attempt to storm the Germanic wall  9 CE

Varius  Germanicus                            Publius Quinctilius Varus             Germanicus Julius Caesar

Recruits basic training                            New recruits basic training
Soldiers raiding party               Trainees of the Blue team leaving on their Simulated Raid
Roman Emperors                  Roman Emperors - Augustus     Caligula     Tiberius     Claudius

Shooting star
  Everybody was standing and pointing to the heavens. Astutus looked up and was dumbfounded to see a very bright object streaming overhead in the sky. It was headed toward their destination. Everybody said this was a good omen and all talk of turning around ceased. Astutus learned later that the object they saw in the heavens, was called a ‘shooting star’
Claudius                         Emperor Claudius entering Camulodunum-Colchester 43 CE

Roman Ware Elephants                Roman War Elephants accompanied Claudius on his entry to Camulodunum-Colchester

Astutus co clerk                                      Astutus Company Clerk
Romans attack Hill Forts                           Vespasian attacking Dorset Hill Forts 44 CE

Caratacus         Caratacus - former chieftain of Catuvellauni tribe, leading attacks by the Silures against the Roman legions in the Welsh mountains   48 CE

Caratacus handed over to Romans         Caratacus handed over in chains to Romans, by Brigantes Queen Cartimandua 51 CE

Druids                                     Druids and Female Furies on Anglesey
Female Furie Druid                         Female Furie and Druid on Anglesey 61 CE

Britains attacking temple   Boudicca's Britons attack and destroy the temple of Claudius at Colchester-Camulodunum

Boudicca   Boudicca standing on her chariot encourages her great hoard for a frontal attack on Suetonius Paulinus's legionnaires   61 CE

                Suetonius Paulinus was Govenor of Britannica from 58-63 CE. He defeated Boudicca's British rebellion

Britannica tribal areas                                                                     Britannic Tribal Areas
Consoling mother                         Brother Gwyn sat down next to mother to comfort her

                  Roman Legionair
                                     Roman Legionair (Mish)

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British Celtic Woman                                  British Celtic Woman

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Celtic farm
     Celtic farm

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British Roman Legionair (Mish)
British Celtic Woman
Celtic farm