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The Britannic Bulletin
Life in Roman Britain

Duncan MacDonald     
Jakarta   29   February 2016      
 Roman Britain (AD 43-409 ) We look at the life of a Briton who joined the Roman army.

Some of the illustrations relating to the book will be posted on this web site for your consideration and comments.

We wish to show how people dressed and the type of buildings they lived in 4th century Britain.

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Console                         Brother Gwyn sat down next to mother to comfort her

Dru herding calves       Dru of the Decangi tribe looked at the storm clouds gathering ominously ahead. He knew if he continued down the elongated valley with his four calves, the rains would soak them all before he reached the market place. His guardian had been specific ‘Dru, I’m counting on you to get these cattle to the market place before sundown. We have to pay the Roman tax collector.’

                  Roman Legionair
                                     Roman Legionair (Mish)

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British Celtic Woman                                  British Celtic Woman

More illustrations will follow.

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Varus suicide         Battle of Teutoburg Forest - Varus commiting suicide 9 CE

Celtic farm
     Celtic farm

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     Brigantia was an ancient Celtic goddess, titular deity of the Brigantes

     Roman Balista


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British market place
     British market place

     Housteads - commandants house

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Sirona with baby Fergus

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gaining knowledge
     Sirona briefed Brother Bec before he set off to Lindisfarne with Fergus. "Fergus needs to learn to read and write. I want my son to have great knowledge."

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Reviewed on    16  October   2017

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British Roman Legionair (Mish)
British Celtic Woman
Celtic farm
Voyage north
Sirona and baby Fergus