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Roman Britannia Bulletin
Part 2

Recording Life in Roman Britain and Europe

Duncan MacDonald     
Jakarta       9  July   2020     
 Roman Britain (AD 43-409 ) We look at life in Britannia through the eyes of Roman legionairs and Britons during the Roman occupation of the first hundred years.
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Britannia Bulletin 2
Roman Britannia Bulletin Part 2 Cover
Emperor Hadrian overlooking his wall in England

Special Seven
Special Seven of Legio XX

Soec ial Sven scroll

Legio XX
Legio XX - Two contubernia  (squad) of 8 men each
10 contubernia  make up one Century

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Emperor Titus ruled 79-81 CE - The Arch of Titus, Rome

Mount Versuvius errupting over Pompeii 79 CE

Emperor Domitian ruled 81-96 CE - Goddess Minerva

Dacian Roman
Dacian warrior   -   Roman legionaire

Gold Aureus coin of Nerva - Emperor Nerva ruled 96-98 CE

Chester fortress
Diva Victrix Fortress Barracks (Chester)

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Vindobala Fortress
Vindobala Fortress on Hadrian's Wall

Birdoswald fort
Birdoswald Fort - western end of Hadrian's Wall

Roman Fortlet
Roman Fortlet

Roman Milecastle
Roman Milecastle 37 - near Housesteads Fort on Hadrian's Wall

Ardune Watchtower, Caledonia - Watchtower overlooking Danube River

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Marching Camp
Roman Marching Camp

Practice Camps
Roman Practice Camp

Emperor Trajan ruled 98-117 CE - Trajan's Column

Hadrians column
Detail on Trajan's Column commemorates Trajan's victory in the Dacian Wars

Hadrians arch
Arch of Hadrian in Athens - Hadrian in Greek clothing

Trajans bridge over Danube
Trajan's great bridge over the Danube River

Trajan - Hadrian
Trajan   clean shaven (Roman style)  ~  Hadrian   beared (Greek style)

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Falco Brigantes
Governor Quintus Pompeius Falco 118-122 CE   ~   Brigantes war party

Emperor Hadrian ruled 117-138 CE

Olive Farm
                  Spanish Olive farmer with his wife           Roman Amphorae
The Limes Germanicus - (Germanic Frontier  83 - 260 CE)

Family tomb of Quintus Lollius Urbicus - died 160 CE

Hadrian surveying wall
Hadrian surveying the Wall in Britannia 122 CE

Pons Aelius
Pons Aelius bridge and fort

Hadrians wall
Building Hadrian's Wall 122 CE

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Hadrians Wall
Hadrian's Wall

Hadrians Milecastle
Hadrian's Wall - Roman Milecastle

Walltown Craigs
Hadrian’s Wall - western end

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Hadrian Antinous
Hadrian and Antinous
Antinous Antinous statues

            Empress Sabina (86-136 CE)       Aureus gold coins issued for Sabina by Hadrian

Hadrians villa
Hadrian's villa residential core from NE

Hadrians Tomb
Hadrian's Mausoleum and Tomb

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Antoninus Pius
Emperor Antoninus Pius   ruled 138 - 161 CE

Faustina Emperess Faustina   died 141 CE               Temple of Faustina

Hadrian Antonine Walls
Antonine Wall and Hadrian's Wall

Antonine Wall Building the Antonine Wall

Bar Hill
Antonine Wall - Bar Hill Fortress

Lucius Marcus Emperors - Lucius Verus (ruled 161-169)   &   Marcus Aurelius (ruled 161-180)

Faustina the Younger (130-176)   wife of Emperor Marcus Aurelius

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Antonine plague
The Angel of Death striking a door during the Antonine Plague (165-189 CE)
Emperor Lucius Aurelius Commodus (ruled 177-192) - dressed as Hercules

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